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Thank you Icey!!!

This is the coolest birthday card (E-card?) I ever got, and everyone here likes it alot.

Thanks so very much for taking a minute and thinking of me on my birthday;


iceblockshadez responds:

yeah it's an E-Card. Hope you had a laugh or something.

Happy Birthday.

If you had the patience to make a longer flash...

My oh my it would own hard. But hey, excellent work. I'm proud.

Happy Shades Day,


FireShades responds:

I may acquire that patience one day..just maybe..

Circle blew the fuck up!

Oh my, the circle abuse all around is awesome.

I really, really liked this man. Sincerely.

Frankly, at this point, I'm not sure what SD08 flash I like best, but this is in the top three.

Happy Shades Day 2008 Everybody!


SrgLemon responds:

Nothing is more fun than throwing around a circle.
(No offense Circles)

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Hey, for a while there, I wanted to strangle you!

Sweet f'ing Lord this is a frustrating game, but I kept at it because it was wicked fun for the most part. I've been playing sporadically since this was under judgment, and I just finished about an hour ago. Man, it sure does take a hell of a lot of patience to get all the upgrades...

In my opinion, the attention span of the average Newgrounds patron is...less than ideal for this particular game. If you're planning on making any improvements, I think you first need to add the ability to select a level of difficulty or find some way to make it a bit easier for some people (allow the option to start with a bit of money, perhaps), because I'm not sure many will have the patience to get all the way through.

Also, those damned Mochi Ads! I don't want my own 'Zwinky' damn you! I think it'd be best for players if you'd tone those down a bit. I don't mind them for the most part, but this is pretty crazy.

Well, all in all, being the defense junkie I am, I had a f'ing blast kicking and screaming my way through this bitch, and oh yes, it is a bitch. Definitely not for those who want a twenty minute gaming session.

I really hope it makes it into the Defense Collection; I know I recommended it :)

Here's some suggestions...

First off, love me a zombie game, love me a defense game. It could've had a few extras, but all in all it was pretty fun. But it gets a solid four/eight from me, and here's why...


Come on now, a guy with a scoped rifle is gonna be taking longer shots than this - these are pistol distances. The limited field of vision as far as seeing the zombies before they're close enough to your defenses is a real pain. The barbed wire gets annihilated wicked fast later on in the game. Why aren't the sandbags behind the fence/gate? Would've made a lot more sense, as they looked out of place, and it would've done a bit to add to the extremely limited field of vision, which is my primary "issue" with your work. I'd think a mere increase of twenty-five percent would be sufficient.

The reloading is cumbersome. Come on now, I get and respect that you were going for a bit more realism (zombies come, you're gonna have the gun[s] you have, and no more), but would it have hurt too much to allow the "R" key to do the job? Click click click click, fire fire fire fire, repeat x20...arrgh! You get used to it, but damn is it annoying...

Limited sound effects took away a bit as well. I want my zombies to groan or something when shot or when they're injured by barriers dammit! I want them quasi-retarded bastards to come on screen making stereotypical Down Syndrome noises and whatnot damn you! Also, the sound of a rifle bolt (click click baby!) after each shot, and perhaps sporadic commentary (oh fuck they're close, Boom! Headshot!, etc) from our protagonist would've been absolutely priceless.

SO: All in all, a pretty damned nice game for what it is. Definitely worth the time, and definitely worth a few dozen more replays. I really hope you have it in mind to make a sequel, because the world needs all the zombie games it can get. Excellent work; keep it up!

BONUS PROTIP: "Spray and Pray" (fire in random directions, anticipating the next wave) when nothing's on the screen; you can often get a few undead and quickly go back to reloading.

Needs a little more...

The story was mildly entertaining, and of course it was short because this is a preview, but you may want to consider different choices leading to alternate storylines, rather than just ending the game. Otherwise, it's not really much of a game - it's just a movie/story with buttons.

Sourpopz responds:

Interactive story, like it said when it was in the submission stage.

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